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Subcription to our services
So as to enjoy the latest wind news and webcams, to have less advertisement and to support our activity, we invite you to subscribe to our service.
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+ Phone & Smartphone Option
+ Smartphone Option
Real Time Wind Info :
• On your computer -2 h
• On your Smartphone -2 h -2 h
• By phone
Webcams of the Spots :
• On your computer -1 h
• On your Smartphone -2 h -2 h
Wind Forecast (3 models)
A personalized warning email
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Less adverts
Tarif (à partir de) FREE 4€ / months 5.5€ / months
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Winds-Up on your Smartphone
Anybody can have access to our Winds Up Smartphone Version and have the live wind observations at any time !
For unregistered members :
Wind observations and webcams are available but there will be a 2-hour delay. However, you still have access to the latest wind forecast (WRF model).
For Registered Members with the option "Smatphone" :
With the new Smartphone version, you can have access from your phone to the latest wind observations, as well as to the latest webcam images, as close as possible to the Spots.
Try the Smartphone version !
Wind Observations by Phone
For registered members with the phone option :
You must call to 09 72 36 08 93. This is a local toll-free number.Your phone number will be identified and the live wind observations broadcast. You can change your phone number from your account at any time going onto "My Subscription" section.